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Highland Reel
Aberdeenshire Scotland

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Hose Hanger

No more stray  socks! This hanger is perfect for your kilt hose and other small items.Very strong pegs will hold your hose securely.


£2 each plus postage.


UK Postage £3.50 for up to three hangers.


Please click here to email  Highland Reel  to purchase.


Jacket Underarm Shields (sold in pairs)

These jacket shields will prevent underarm stains, reducing your dry-cleaning costs.

Simply attach with a couple of stitches at each point into the lower armhole inside your jacket - they can then be easily removed to be hand-washed.

Cotton cover with waterproof lining.

Do not iron or dry-clean.


£3.40 for each pair, plus postage.

UK Postage £3.50  for up to 3 pairs.


Please click here to email  Highland Reel  to purchase.

Aboyne Brooches

Pewter,  made in Scotland, 4cm diameter.

1. £24  (centre amethyst stone)
2. £26  (three small amethyst stones)
3. £19.50 (centre light amethyst stone)
4. £19.50

Plus postage UK £4.50
Please click here to email  Highland Reel to purchase.
( Nos 2 and 4 are no longer in stock )

Kilt Hanger

Extremely strong pegs will hold your kilt securely.

Hangers available in lengths from

16” - 19”  max ( 40 - 48cm )

Please specify length required -

16” is perfect for average dancer’s kilt

and to fit comfortably in a garment cover.


Price is the same for all sizes,

£7 each plus postage ( on request )


Please click here to email  Highland Reel  to purchase