The Aboyne outfit, worn by female dancers for the Scottish National Dances, originates from the Aboyne Highland Games. During the early 1950’s the Aboyne Games Committee developed a more feminine outfit as, previously, the female dancers had worn the same kilt outfit as the men. This Aboyne outfit was then adopted a few years later by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing who specified its use for Scottish National Dances only, the kilt remaining as the  Highland outfit. However, at the Aboyne Highland Games to this day, the Aboyne outfit is worn for both Highland and National dancing, the kilt being strictly forbidden for female dancers. ‘Highland Reel’ Aboyne outfits are made to the standard set by the Aboyne Games Committee and  SOBHD regulations.
At the Aboyne Highland Games
each year since 2009
 ‘Highland Reel’ Aboyne outfits
have won ‘Best Dressed Dancer’
for their respective age categories.
The Aboyne skirt and plaid are produced from high quality 100% wool Dress tartan, woven in the Scottish Borders. A wide range of colours and designs are available.
The traditional Aboyne skirt is gathered and hand smocked to the ‘sett’, to display the dominant colour to the front. The white panels of the tartan then become visible when the skirt is held out, this being particularly evident when dancing.
The skirt fastens at the left side with a zip, plus hook and bar.
Side seams match exactly to the sett.
The lined waistcoat, in coordinating 100% cotton velvet, has narrow braiding on the shaped, scalloped peplum, plus ten thistle buttons, and eyelets, positioned down the boned centre front edges.

All outfits provide plenty of room for growth, including a generous hem on the skirts with additional allowance for expansion at the waist.
Each outfit has an identification code to ensure Highland Reel’s authenticity.
Aboyne outfits, each comprising smocked skirt, plaid with plaited fringe and waistcoat with scalloped peplum, cost from £340 for the smallest size.
The blouse and petticoat can be purchased at an extra charge.
Highland Reel outfits are no longer available as ‘made to order’, but new ready-made outfits can be seen on the   New Outfits for Sale  page when they become available.
The Plaid is attached to the inside back of the skirt waistband, the leading edge having a plaited or twisted fringe.
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Petticoats are available made from poly-cotton, either plain or

broiderie anglaise, with tucks providing extra length as the dancer grows.

Blouses add the final touch, made from poly-cotton,

buttoning down the centre back.

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